Yellow Kitties is a social support group for asian lesbians, bi, questioning, intersex, transgender of all ages. We are located in Melbourne, Australia. Partners and friends are also welcome, regardless of their nationality. We organise regular social events … a lot of them involving food.



We organise hot-pot, yum-cha, dumpling making night, spam night, seafood bonanza, spit roast.


We also have a sporty side like playing badminton, tennis, rock climbing, cycling, jogging, bush walking, bubble soccer.


We arrange outdoor activities e.g. camps, ski trips, fishing trips. Also for non-outdoor fans, we offer anime and other all-round geeky fun e.g karaoke, movie marathon, laser wars, annual mini-golf challenge.


We also join in with other LGBTI groups in activities and any fun. We are around in Midsumma Carnival and Pride March.
We love to revisit our past activities and reminisce our journey and fun times together. We’re “old school” in a way and like to keep our blog alive so if you’d like to find out more, feel free to browse our “diary” of activities. We also do our best to plan ahead where we can though we can’t guarantee that the events will be exactly as planned. It’s dependent on our volunteers’ availability and resources. But rest assured that we’ll have an event at least once a month to keep everyone connected. On top of participating in planned events, many of us meet over meals or common interests too which is the beauty of Yellowkitties – we bond and build strong lasting friendships.
WE TURNED 21 IN 2021!
Amidst the pandemic and all, we were very lucky to have celebrated our 21st birthday with our members and other LGBTIQ+ community groups. It was a big day, not just for how far we’ve come as a group and the meaning behind our existence but also a testament to all the hard work put in by our founders and many volunteers who kept the group going. We look forward to many more 21 years to come with great memories and friendships forged.


Our members come from China, HongKong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and Australia. Some of us speak our native languages, some of us just speak English.
We are a friendly and fun group that welcomes anyone new! Just fill in the contact us form below to arrange a Meet & Greet with one of our members. The initial Meet & Greet is for you to ask a member any questions you have about the group, and a chance to know at least one member better, so you can attend all future events with confidence and excitement! We look forward to meeting you.


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