hi, my name is lian and i’ve got no idea how to use blogs.

this is very exciting to be on board the YK blogs.. (Judy.. i still don’t know how to create an account!)

unlike the YK webmistress, i have been playing badminton on mondays (my only sport and exercise) with yellowkitties.. a lot of fun and a great time..

So.. how do blogs function? do they work like diaries? i’m thinking they don’t function like chatrooms. pardon the ignorance. usually i am on the internet for lots of email, editing and writing stuff. but i am still a blog newbie.

Judy.. if you are frustrated with this blog, please send me a private email 8) (it is also very late.. 10:05pm.. and ppl will know me as someone who stays at the swinburne labs all day and all night.)


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