i thought i’d just say hello to miaows and ows of being a yellowkitty.

my ows today are huge. it is 4:40pm, and i’m working at swinburne uni. as an ITS lab assistant, i have worked at swinburne since aug 2004. i have enjoyed my job thoroughly and have had days where i feel like i’m not working. this has been due to the higher bosses phasing us out gradually. here’s my speculation: we were gradually told not to take any phone calls because of a new centralised system to the swinburne helpdesk. so we kept getting less and less busy. we’re still being paid $13.50 an hour, which is like trainee wages. so, if the pay rate says anything, i am still a trainee, even though i have been working here since 2004. imagine another woman (who was an ex-student) has been working here for more than 10 years now. she is still on trainee wages. this is so ow.
anyway, we are now being phased out by automated swipe-cards.
i have felt very sad about this for a while now.
amongst many things, i will be missing the very rare occassions when i have hung around yellowkitties members based at the swinburne community.
i won’t be keeping late nights at swinburne anymore, that’s for sure. haha

another ow: its now 4:45pm. and i have been sifting through my hotmail email address. it was 14 pages long and now i have culled it down to 4 pages. i am so proud of myself. i have on the left hand side made folders. there are now 11 folders, not counting Inbox, Junk E-mail, Drafts, Sent messages and Trash can. this has taken me from when i started work at 12:30pm to now. so many hours. And now i am feeling very strongly like i have a headache.

Question: i was wondering what films yellowkitty (whether individually or in a group) went to for the Melbourne Queer Film Festival?

i was also wondering what ppl thought about the films, and the selection that they had?

my housemate is in need of suggestions re: Asians on Australian TV.

I find this an interesting topic as i have an interest in representations of Asians – very broadly speaking in all areas: like theatre, film, books, animation, etc.

some of my favourite films: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Love Eterne (which was at MQFF last year), and of course, Saving Face.

If anyone reading this has suggestions of Asians on Australian TV.. please post !

to balance off my ows, here are my miaows:
two days ago (wednesday), i was able to swim without a board, backstroke. this was only half a lap. i am sure my swimming teacher will be impressed. she had started us off with breaststroke, and for the past couple of weeks, i have been doing breaststroke, but it is bloody hard work. so to balance off my frustration for it being so bloody hard, i have been swimming backstroke, which i find much easier. i will be buying goggles soon, and hope to do scuba diving one day.

okay.. this is the end of my post for now


# today i am also posting a link to this website, as a current affairs link: ie Melbourne and Commonwealth Games


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