i know this womyn.. she’s young and queer.. and has been completely traumatised by the whole experience

i’m planning to make it..

from the Melbourne Indymedia website…

On the night of the gig, a young woman was walking to her car on Johnston St when she was surrouned by 7 nazi thugs, who began shouting racial abuse at her, and then forced her to repeat the slurs back before they would let her go. This is not acceptable. We will be outside the Birmingham at 1pm next Saturday to make some noise and to make the public aware of what is going on in their neighbourhood.

Anti-Nazi rally at the Birmingham Hotel
The Birmingham Hotel 1pm Saturday October
28 cnr Smith & Johnston Sts Fitzroy

On Saturday, September the 23rd, 2006, The Birmingham Hotel hosted a neo-Nazi gig — organised by the violent White supremacist groups Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins — and held to commemorate the death of B&H founder, Ian Stuart, in 1993. This is the second year in a row that The Birmingham Hotel has allowed these fascist thugs to use their premises, and by doing so placed making money ahead of defending human rights. Both groups have a history of violence towards and abuse of Asians, blacks, Jews, Muslims, journalists, trade unionists, gays, lesbians and all others who fail to qualify for entry to their ‘Master Race’.

Any and all support will be appreciated. more info: Cam http://www.fightdemback.org/ 043121111

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