The rally was v. well attended.There were ppl from the Melbourne Times, journalists, punks & anarchists (in some pretty awesome gear), feminists, queers, councillor Steve Jolly, my film lecturer at TAFE (who was having coffee down the road), social & community workers, 3CR radio broadcasters, friends and housemates of the young woman and more!

ppl were taking photos, recording video and writing down notesthere were groovy stickers that said ‘Racism is not Welcome here’ and badges:’RACIST FREE commUNITY’the owner took one of the stickers, after several of the protestors went in to explain what the whole action was aboutSteve Jolly, the councillor will bring up the Birmigham Hotel as an issue at a Yarra council meeting. After all the council does not promote the type of ideology of Neo-Nazis – considering the area is populated by CALD ppl..

two friends and i were chatting.. and they brought up the massive action and mobilising undertaking when the Black shirts were around.. the Black shirts were this scary misogynist and homophobic group that were around Brunswickquote from the AGe:”Blackshirts, a group that dons masks and protests outside the homes of women they deem to be immoral. The mainly male, middle-aged group also heckles women at the Family Court and demands that divorce laws be repealed” seems that they started protesting outside Y-GLAM (Young Gay and Lesbian around Moreland) theatre shows!!

but the action in support that counteracted the Black shirts was this phone tree networkppl rang each other on their mobile.. and went to counter protest the Black shirts..because of this action, the Black shirts were forced to go underground..(i will post more things as i get more info..!)

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