i made wontons for the first time this year with a friend!!
i was quite impressed with myself. it was vegetarian, from a Malaysian vegetarian cookbook. unfortunately all the stuffing came out. (and i did use corn flour) but it was still very yummy.
my housemate and her friend were cooking the other night. they both went to a gourmet effort. we had kangkung, sweet soy saunce tofu and fried wontons. the fried wontons were also vegetarian (we have a vego housemate who is also a gourmet cook!), and her friend made the wontons in the shape of (Christian) ‘nun hats’
i have never heard this expression ‘nun hats’.
it was very delicious.
Pls post food comments!! would like to hear YK food critics, chefs and general-i-like-eating ppl.. miaowing and owing about their culinary practice …
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