this is my report back on the Yellow Kitty meeting for the month of November 🙂

i haven’t been to a meeting for aaagess!

The meeting for those who haven’t been is held at Red Rice on Brunswick Street. Red Rice and YK have had a long relationship – if i’m not wrong.. ever since REd Rice opened however many years ago. 

YellowKitties get their special sitting place at the back of the restaurant and get served delicious food.  in a chat i had with the co(?)-owner and founder of Red Rice, danii a couple of years back, she said that the cuisine is ‘modern Vietnamese’.. and they have a philosophy of always making from the freshest vegies and produce. looks like that philosophy’s remained and the restaurant’s doing nicely for itself. the noodles that peggy, leo and i had were very , very good to the taste buds. (it was wonton  noodles, wasn’t it, p&l??) ..

.. so.. we were waiting on the newbies, but they never turned up ..
… Van came a bit later… and it was a very cosy meeting..

we chatted.. amongst many things..
about nursing home experiences (Peggy’s and Van’s and by default Leo’s as well) 
and conversation then went on to dead bodies, cleaning up poo, dementia and one old lady who likes pinching attendant’s bums and giving Van hugs. 

we also shared some gossip about who’s with who… the upcoming Philippine Fiesta in Laverton. and how a member who was once vego now loves savouring duck foetuses. 

.. even though no newbies turned up (even though they say they would), it was very nice to see old faces and catch up in the YK meeting…

.. so.. i hope to make it to YK’s event of the month, the PHillippine Fiesta in Laverton..


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