We were supposed to have an afternoon of board games and finger food today but ended up staying past 10pm. Some of us even ditched the White Night event! A BIG THANK YOU to M for her generosity in opening up her home to us for a close to eight hours of fun and laughter! It was a super well organised event.
We began our day with a feast – yes, it’s not quite a YK event without food and drinks. We had yummy homemade quiche, grilled spicy lemongrass-flavoured chicken wings, cake, chips, fruit, fruit and vegetable inspired icy poles and lots of tea and freshly brewed coffee. Once our bellies were satisfied, we proceeded to playing a couple of games which got us hooked for hours – Bomb Defusal, an intellectual problem solving game that came complete with a set of manual for players and Avalon, a super interactive game which tested our bluffing and strategy skills (it was also a test of trust especially for the couples!). Things got pretty interesting and LOUD when we opened a couple of bottles of soju! Perhaps it was the alcohol, E (our newbie) guessed all our ages wrongly!

Hunger robbed us of our sanity after three rounds of Avalon, so we ended up having Domino pizzas and chatting over dinner. We watched some of J’s favourite Youtube videos – a mix of comedy and super intense hip hop dance moves on a mega TV screen. We also got a chance to witness S’ awesome groovy moves. Lastly, we ended the night with a “who can last longer in a squat position” contest. S would have won hands down if not for KL’s butt butting!
Overall, it was a fantastic event and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We didn’t manage to play all the board games but hey, we had great fun and that’s what that matters most. What a great way to conclude the February events. Looking forward to beach, games and BBQ in March!

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