On Sunday 27th August, 9 kitties gathered for an afternoon of ten pin bowling at the Strike bowling alley in Melbourne Central. 

After getting our shoes, we headed to lanes 1 and 2 to start our games. It took a while for some us to get into the swing of things, with many balls rolling into the gutter. A few of us tried to use the “bowling slide” to help score, but it disappointingly didn’t yield any results. After some experimentation and trying to work out the strategy, such as using heavier or lighter balls,or bowling fast or slow, we started to get some strikes on the board.

A trip to the bar for some drinks and a variety of chips and wedges kept us going in the second game. Perhaps the strikes were due to lucky ginger ale, or sweet potato vegetable fuel. We celebrated strikes with rounds of high fives, blaming misses on the distraction of food.

In the end, Lane 2 managed to beat out Lane 1 with a close total of 570 vs 568, despite having fewer people on the team. Afterwards, we headed to the Pancake Parlour for some well deserved desserts, such as short stacks topped with ice cream, butter, chocolate chips or apples. A successful day out!

– YW

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