We decided to have an art appreciation outing!  Four excited kitties headed to the Hokusai Exhibition at the NGV with great anticipation to immerse ourselves in the artist’s world of drawings and paintings today.  

Hokusai started his career at the age of 19 and had a strong passion for nature – animals, plants and especially mountains, specifically Mt. Fuji where he painted 36 different views of the magnificent towering mountain (https://au.pinterest.com/banksothecreeks/hokusai-36-views-of-mt-fuji/).  Perhaps his most iconic artwork best known worldwide is The Great Wave off Kanagawa (or simply The Wave).    

What really struck us was Hokusai’s persistence and level of grit to constantly improve his skills and artwork.  He was very humble and felt that he could only attain the title of an “artist” when he reached 100 years old.  Producing incredible artwork seems to be his calling in life. 

We were fascinated by how perfect the curves/lines were drawn and the amount of meticulous details that were present in his artworks.  His use of warm colours was captivating and pleasing to the eyes and hearts.  Interesting too was seeing his representations of mystical ghosts!  It was easy to get lost in the world of Hokusai if not because the exhibition was getting too crowded and we wanted to leave early enough for the Asian Alliance media conference.

The Mystical Ghost

Colours and details were amazing

Lunch was a simple but gratifying affair at Hong Kong café.  We were like little happy vegemites munching away our delicious Chinese food.  Then again, YKers tend to be happy whenever there’s food!  We’re pretty easy that way.

Next, off we went to the Victorian Trade Hall to participate in the Asian Alliance media conference in support for marriage equality.  More kitties joined in the event and we ended up discussing how we could improve traction in getting more votes from the Chinese community!  Watch this space – you’re likely to see some action shortly!

– Renie

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  • Chuping Yu

    Lovely outing all around. The artwork resonated from Chinese Asian perspective and grew my awarness to a historic twist of Andy Warhol , like artist Hokusai was a vionary ahead of his time. Food is always taste pretty good when shared with great company. Then our little group continue on to hear Judt speak alongside her supportive panel of influenceials Asian voices of straight opening minded SUPPORTIVE of saying YES! and Judy's wealth of wisdom for the cause. A fantastic pre summer day was greatly ENJOYED!🏮😍🌄🌞

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