Ho Ho Ho!  It’s the time of the festive season again.  J and S had very generously hosted 14 YKers and two guests for the orphan Christmas party at their brightly decorated place.  It started from 12 noon and with all the food, games, chats and movies, it’s unsurprisingly that everyone only left at close to midnight. 
Food is of essence and there was no shortage of homemade and bought food (Gado Gado, fried noodles, fried rice, pavlova, egg tarts, snacks and fruit).  Even Howie looked extra “delicious” with his elf-like Christmas outfit!  Howie, being the only male in the group, showed off his core muscles by giving in to our requests for multiple High 5s and standing on attention.  He definitely smitten a number of the women in the group! 
Given the number of gamers in the group, we spent good hours playing digital and old school board games (Werewolf and Avalon).  Beware, the quiet ones are the ones who can bluff pretty well!  Some of us laughed ourselves silly watching Japanese anime on butts and boobs fighting.  It’s not R-rated in case you’re wondering – just super entertaining! 
At close to midnight, most of us braved the cold and headed to The Boulevard at Ivanhoe East to watch the Christmas lights, only to be disappointed that the light displays finished on Christmas Eve!  Regardless, we had a good drive and saw some smaller light displays.  Hugs and goodbyes were inevitable and the beds were calling to us persistently.  It was then that we called it the night. 
Huge thanks to J and S for the ever so successful orphan Christmas party.  Thanks for the fun times!  

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