Recap of board games day at M’s, from YW:
The initial plans for a picnic were rained out twice because of rain and thunderstorms. So instead we had a plan B – taking shelter at M’s house in the east for an indoor potluck and afternoon of board games.
As usual, there was lots of food. Cheese and wine, chips and dips, dumplings and banana cakes. Mussels cooked in beer, and baked potato fries covered in cheese (and aluminium). Donuts from Springvale, chilli salad and lots of chicken. There were different ways to eat banana cake – sweet, savoury, with chilli or plain.

We had Wii sports and dance games, and a round of Monopoly that took 2 hours. Jenga was adapted to Social Jenga, with questions asked after each block was removed, and the one to make the tower topple had to eat leftover KFC chicken as punishment. Several rounds of mahjong were set up on the table, with various teams and cheat sheets used to play.

We also learned a new card game. The rules are simple:
– Deal each player 4 cards face down. The aim is to have the fewest number of points, but no one is allowed to look at their cards yet.
– On your turn, pick up a card. If you want to keep it, swap with one of your face down cards (without looking at that card).
– Place the card to reject face up in the middle. Now the fun part! If anyone else wants to take that card, they must slap their hand down onto the card before anyone else. The person at the bottom of the hand pile gets to keep that card and replace one of their own. This turned into a very noisy game with howls of laughter as everyone tried to slap their hand on the best card first
Despite the rain that still hadn’t stopped at the end of the night, we still had a food and fun-filled gathering. Here’s hoping for some better weather for the next picnic at Midsumma Carnival in January 2018.
– YW

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