The Midsumma carnival was held on Sunday, 14th of January at Alexandra Gardens, the first of a range of events held during mid-January and early February celebrating queer culture. There were an assortment of community and commercial stalls such as Headspace, Shuttlecats 
(, Levi’s, university queer departments and government departments. The Yellowkitties stall was sandwiched between AGMC and the Greek and Gay Support Network stalls. Many kitties arrived on the day to volunteer to set up the Yellowkitties stall and to promote the group. By the end of the day, we had a few people sign up to our social group and bought our amazing recipe books.
Thousands of people flowed into the carnival throughout the day seeking a picnic spot and a grand queer experience. A few of the kitties arrived to the carnival early in the morning to find the best parking spot and picnic area. Many kitties came over to our picnic area throughout the day to hang out and chat, or to drop by to say hello.
Some kitties were worried that it was going to rain but luckily it didn’t. Fortunately the clouds cleared and the sun shone brightly and proudly on all the queers across the garden. At a top of 19 degrees, it was one of the mildest carnival days for a long time.
We had friendly neighbours who chatted with us frequently throughout the day. The GAP boys and the kitties shared the picnic area and took turns looking after each other’s belongings and hoard of food. There were muffins, hot cross buns, pastries, fruits, nuts, chocolates, lollies, and an assortment of chips, cheeses, crackers, dips and fresh veggies. A kitty quipped whether or not we would be having dinner in front of a mountain of snacks located in the middle of our picnic rugs. With our tummies full and tired eyes, we didn’t have dinner together, and instead we went home.
With the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia, spirits were high amongst all the LGBTIA+ folks and their allies. There was a stellar line up of performances, personalities and events such as the iconic dog show, Miss Gay and Miss Transsexual mini pageant, Melbourne Rainbow Band, DJ’s and T-Dance. During T-Dance – the annual biggest queer dance party in Melbourne – a few kitties went down to the main stage for a boogie.
At the end of the day, we all had a blast at the carnival and although we felt exhausted, we would do it all over again next year in a heartbeat. Many thanks to Michelle for organising and other kitties that have contributed to our wonderful day out, and everyone who have worked hard behind the scenes.
– AV

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