So….I can’t remember when was the last time YK went to Sundaylicious.
Yesterday however, a brave 8 (2 are non but potential new members??) braced the cold although smart enough by warming and filling up with Korean dinner prior. It is no YK event without food!
Can’t skip the fried chicken apparently, and gies down just nicely with Singha. 
Conversation and some polite ie limited to 3 interrogative questions were launched that led to sharing our own gay stories.
Sundaylicious at La Di Da was really dark, hence no pictures but just the perfect ambience.
Equipped by the pick up line of: “where are you from” the YK embarked on drinking, dancing and some attempts to flirt. 
Fair to say, I think we all departed to each of our home to a comfy bed instead without waking up to a stranger!
Thank you all, it has been fun and I hereby officially announcing that “where are you from” can be effective #gofigure
– Y

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