Last day before AFL Grand Finals long weekend! Who would have thought that the supposedly once-off holiday has become the official one. Then again, it’s always tough to give the sweetener and take it back. Regardless, none of us was complaining. Ykers headed to White Tomato for dinner and the place was jam-packed! We sat side by side (like the Magpies in the game!) across two tables and discussed about worldly affairs, Nintendo Switch, past YK events, recent AGMC conference sessions, coming out and our work. We also welcome YZ (pronounced as “leaf” in mandarin) to YK who got her partner, XL to join us for dessert later – both volunteers at the conference (power of human connection)! Food was nice except the fried chicken (KFC is better!) and it wasn’t too long before we left the noisy restaurant for some sweets!

Continuation from CP on dessert: 
It was great to hang out ate too much to fit in dessert. There wasn’t space at the dessert house that has a roof top and fancy high tea. The 2nd was fascinating decor Hong Kong in the 1970’s….I did try for the 1st time ever the ying/yang drink….tea and coffee together. I was suggested to try again somewhere else. Another good night. I suggested maybe we can have a African lunch in Footscray and have a go smoking a shisa pipe (mid eastern apple water pipe). Its not tabacco.

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