For the event recap of our friendship badminton and exotic dinner at Kamel Restaurant on 24th last month, thought I’d let the photos do all the talking and feedback from our own YKrs about one thing that everyone enjoyed that day…here it goes:
A: “Turkish bread!”
A: “That was the second event of YK that I’ve ever participated in. I had a chance to play badminton after 10 years. I used to play without the rules, just hit the ball back and forth. Everyone was very friendly to me.”
A: “Meeting new people and friends”
E: “Got to meet new people and have some great laughs at dinner”
I: “Awesome workout and lots of fun catching up with old friends over exoxtic dinner!”
M: “Great games! Good meal! Great night!”
M: “Loved the food and catching up with everyone for dinner!! Plus planning out hypothetical future YK events “
T: “Middle eastern food is always good but especially my Turkish delight ice cream. Eating out is like a treat for a mum and friendly Ykrs made it even better “
Y: “Meet new people! I am so glad that I found another social worker in YK! And of course try to do some exercises.”
Y: “I enjoyed playing badminton and catching up over dinner with friends old and new”
Y: “1. The smile and laughter of my partner and 2. The easy going laughter from everyone”
Y: “Great food, great wine, great company, and learning more about our new and current YK members alike!”
Thanks all for making it such a great night !!
– M