A number of Kitties enjoyed a queer-day-out picnicking and participating in one of the top LGBTIQ celebrations in the world.

We were treated to a dazzling kaleidoscope of events and activities ranging from bars, food stalls, music, interactive games and loads of free goodies. 

Our lovely peeps could be seen having a good time sharing food, mingling, visiting booths, taking photos and interacting with each other. 

There were some ultra exciting moments when celebrities were spotted amongst the crowd.Some of our kitties ( who shall remain anonymous.. lol) got excited as they tried to decide whether to approach the hot looking celebrities.  🙂 

Positions vibes was in the air as our kitties celebrated a day of being out of the closet by frolicking in the sun, having fun and sharing deep reflective conversations. 

It was indeed a relaxed day of celebrating Pride and great reminder to simply being proud of who we are. Am already looking forward to next year’s event.

– P