Since I came out to my mum in 2017, I’ve never come back to China during Chinese New Year. I just don’t want to be asked “do you have a boyfriend? When are you gonna get married ?” by all the relatives who don’t know I am a lesbian. And lots of my Chinese gay and lesbian friends also stay in Australia and are scared of coming home during Chinese New Year.

This is my first time attending YK’s CNY party, I should have come last year. With so many like-minded LGBT friends and the inclusive community, I am no longer feel lonely during this festive season.

It was a warm summer afternoon in Brunswick, thanks P for organizing the party and I am glad to meet a lot of new lesbian and gay friends. I even found a YK member who is working for the same corporation with me, and met a gay friend that we have met in another event before, it’s such a small world and thanks YK for building up these connections.

I really enjoyed the food, from roast chicken to cheesecake, from the homemade dumplings to stir-fried veggies, I felt really full for the rest of the day. I was truly impressed by the peach jelly soup cooked by one of the gay friends, that’s so sweet.

I met a few lovely kids at the party as well, I should have prepared some red pockets or gifts to the kids, that’s a kind of childhood memory that kids should have for Chinese New Year.

I also heard some stories from old YK members. I can imagine 20 years ago, it must be hard to come out and initiate an Asian lesbian group even in Australia, what you did was really amazing. I am really looking forward to the 20 anniversary of YK.

Thanks everyone. Wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year of the pig.