Searching through the MQFF list, M found the perfect movie, Kiss Me for YK. Unfortunately, it was perfect to most people too and we realised that the movie was sold out for Friday night. Frantically searching for another movie, M found Eva and Candela. So off went seven of us in the evening to ACMI, including an ally of ours.

Eva and Candela was a slow-moving show. It flipped between scenes frequently to show the past and future events and unless you were paying attention, you might be all confused with what was going on. The artists were brilliant in portraying the sweetness of courtship at the start to the raw emotions of frustrations and dread towards the end as the relationship underwent the day to day mundane life with some significant events of career change and having a baby. The struggles of the relationship displayed cracks so obvious to the audience that it was painful to watch them unfold slowly, as if they were oblivious to the couple – the doubts, the mistrust and more importantly, the inability to discuss matters and resolve them before they become the Achilles heel of the relationship. If it was any consolation, the movie left everyone hanging to make up their ending. The end was as good as anyone’s guess – what was better than dissecting those thoughts for our hungry movie goers over dinner? 😊

We headed to Ikkoryu and were lucky enough to get the big table in the private room again, just like last year’s! We shared some sides and connected over what’s up in everyone’s lives, why the tiny can of soju was called a “bottle” in the menu, what special ingredients it had to cost us an arm and leg for the drink and of course, our thoughts about the movie.

While the night was still young, someone suggested dessert and like the usual YK style, off we went to a different place. Nothing beats having something sweet to close the chapter for the night. Thanks M for organising a great MQFF night out, especially after a busy day at work!