Despite a 39 degree forecast, it felt less hot than last year due to the earlier marching start of 11am this year, and the marshalling at the oval seemed very orderly and organised. The nearby trees provided a cool shady spot for us to gather and shelter from the sun. Around 9 of us were there to march as a group, with a few more coming by to say hi before finding a spot to watch from the street sidelines.

When the time came to line up on the oval and wait for the march to start, we observed other nearby groups, such as the purple themed Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF), and met other Asians from the neighbouring group Subtle Queer Asian Traits (SquAT). We took a big Asian group photo together with their “From Gaysia With Love” banner, before the march was underway. Holding up our banner, rainbow flags, rainbow umbrella and fan, and other accessories, we marched down Fitzroy St at a good pace. As we neared the end of the march near Prince of Wales, the outdoor broadcast of JOY FM was announcing groups as they went past, and Yellow Kitties got a mention as being a long time participant.

We made it to the Catani gardens finishing point, and took a rest for a while. Sitting under the palm trees and blowing big bubbles to float into the air, chilling out, and enjoying the music and impromptu dancing from the nearby Brazilian live music performers. After a while it started to get hotter and we were getting hungry, so we sought out an air conditioned restaurant to have some food and drinks to finish off the day.

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us for the march!

Below are some comments from the group:

P: My fave thing was spending time and connecting with all of the wonderful peeps. Lots of serious talk, fun and laughter. Also it felt great to be out there as it encourages others to know they are not alone and be aware where to obtain support.

A: My first march ever in my life  i wouldn’t have the courage to step on the street with the rainbow flag without everyone in the back 🙂 My fav part is when we had time to chat and enjoy the air con. I didn’t know that I could be open to talk with people I’ve never met for hours.

M: This is my second participation in Pride March. I had a great time marching in the company of fellow Kitties and meeting other friendly LGBT+ groups. Though it was a hot day I’m so glad after the march we went to Captain Baxter’s to cool down over beers and lunch and spent hours chatting about anything & everything. Thank you all for the lovely company and great team work for the march 

C: It’s our first pride march for M and I and we are stoked to have our virgin march with YK. It is definitely an eye opener seeing so many different groups coming together for the march. We totally enjoyed the experience. Although it was super hot and sunny, we always managed to find shaded spots to chill out. It was a great time spent with everyone 

E: It was nice meeting everyone even though B and I were spectators for the march. It was so much fun and so exciting to see all the different groups and highlights! Such a positive atmosphere and everyone getting together for this day despite the hot weather is awesome! Gives me great community vibes. Hope everyone had a blast too