The Good:-

A beautiful beach perfect day with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius greeted the YK kitties on March, the 9th 2019 at Hampton Beach. The lovely weather brought out the inner culinary prowess of the kitties as evidenced by the spread of food over two tables. From juicy meat patties to well marinaded ketogenic friendly meat and vegetables skewers, from cheesy mushrooms, BBQ-ed vegetables to KFC and lamb ribs, and everything between fruits, chicken wings, bacon and mushroom skewers, the kitties were all purring bellies-up after (hydrated with some alcohol, of course.)

The active ones cheerfully skipped and hopped to the beach for some kayaking, a swim and some sun tanning whilst the rest chit chatted and socialised (and sneakily continued eating).

The Bad:-

The unfortunately broken public BBQ fortunately did not dampen the spirits of the kitties. The impressive resourcefulness of some saved the day who made a trip back home to deliver two portable stoves and even one 8.5kg gas cylinder. The food must be eaten or die trying!

Special thanks to these heroes who made “The Bad”, “Not so Bad”.

The Funny:-

A challenge was accepted by a fellow kitty who was teased for being as thin as a toothpick to prove that she is in fact, not thinner than a lamp post. It was ultimately proven with photographic evidence that the said kitty is definitely thinner than a lamp post. Alas, the lives of all kitties can finally go on!

The kitties jumping attempt for an epic photo unfortunately did not meet the standards required to win the Pulitzer Prize.

The Pretty:-

The friendliness, the humour, the teamwork, and the effort of everyone contributed and created a fun and lovely event for all, particularly those who were first-timers to YK events. Special thanks to all!