Last Saturday we had a new and different activity that brought 13 students to be with A the as our tutor. She was super professional and well organised. Our printed handouts were efficiently prepared with detailed structure lessons. If she hasn’t mention it was her 1st time, l would have thought she had done this tutorial many times before. There was about 4 sheets of very clear instructions with many diagrams and examples, colour wheel chart. We had 2 large table and chairs sitting in a long oblong circle, ideal, cozy fit. The heating was broken so we had to move around and draw fast, snacking on some crunchy, munchies. IT, the hostess with the mostess provided hot chips and mini meat bites, saviour 4 those who skip lunch, we sip on greentea.

We could choose weather we use the Cole’s little shop grocery items or zoo animals to draw. Then introducing use to see prespective in distance landscape from the shapes we had been practising, circles, cylinders, boxes, etc…..then we coloured our picture.

The grand finale lesson , was done in pairs there was much laughter, & fUn was making your own character, the suggestion was spirit animals. Interesting in how we saw our drawning partner. Thanks M for the use of her house.

The tip from A was to keep on doing lots of drawing regularly- Don’t try be a perfectionist and have FUN!!

Then 7 of us share a dinner in Glen Waverly at a haot and spicy restaurant. The large platter of fried chicken had far more chillies that lve seen on any dish, cold spicy noodles, duck, braise eggplant. Then we went off another place for dessert.

Another fUn pack YK event, well organised!!!