When IT rocked up drunk to the event, we knew it was going to be an excellent time.
YK laser tag at Dark Zone Box Hill drew a strong crowd of 13 kitties. The team played four (4) rounds of laser tag, with arcade games in between each round. Laser tag involved running, crouching and shooting opponents in a dark maze over different floors. It didn’t matter that our opponents were a family of six (6) and, at one stage, several young children. YK was determined to win. (We did have to split up into teams and play against each other). Team YK quickly developed a strategy to defeat its opponents. This strategy, among other things, involved travelling in packs, using sniper tactics, and hiding in high spots to shoot unwitting targets down below. It was a real ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ situation.
D hilariously recounted her experience of being tricked by a kid; ‘When his vest had no light on, he said “Don’t shoot me, I’m on your team.” Then he sat next to me and shot me,’ she said regretfully, as she shook her head in lament. That didn’t stop her from being one of the highest scorers on Team YK anyway.
Afterwards, the team refuelled at ‘Shaanxi-Style Restaurant’ across the road. Serving sizes of noodles and dumplings were so huge that everyone took leftovers home in containers. We would have rated the food 6/5 stars, but it wasn’t spicy enough for A (see photo of A looking sadly at her not-spicy-enough noodles). Unfortunately that brought the food rating down to only 5/5 stars. A small group also kicked on for dessert.
General feedback
The success of the night was highlighted by the raving reviews. When asked what her favourite part of the night was, T said she ‘enjoyed the strategy of the games’. YW enjoyed ‘sneaking around the multi-storey maze, peeking up from behind the walls and through the grills and trying to spot others in the dark’. M simply responded, ‘Everything.’ However, others had more worrying responses; IT’s favourite part was ‘killing the ones who were standing on top,’ while G’s was ‘shooting the young children’. (She has since had her ‘Working With Children Check’ revoked).
Many thanks to LS and D for organising an awesome event. We’re all looking forward to the next one.
– G