A group of 12 happy little vegemites (+3 who joined us for a day of hiking including a furry friend) got together for a 3D2N adventures at Beechworth over the grand final weekend. The videos and quotes from some of the happy beings shall speak for the event 😁😁😁


“The entire Beechworth trip was amazing, I enjoyed each moment of the fun times spent with YK friends. The Airbnb view was amazing and any photos doesn’t do it justice. Our backyard was welcomed by olive groves, alpaca , sheep, goats and more!!

Each meal we had left our tummies very satisfied, this includes burgers, pizza, spaghetti bolognese, scrumptious BBQ dinner accompanied by lots of alcohol and good laughter.

Thanks so much to the lovely Irene for organising 

“About Beechworth: I just want to say it was AMAZING. I had some great highlights: went group hiking in a beautiful weather; just chilled and enjoyed the view of the olive farm; laughed to a point that my cheek went sour because of the board games; got to hear about YK historic events and fun facts after an amazing meal; feel really grateful that got to spend a long weekend in this way.  Thanks for organising.”

“My most memorable memory of the trip of the near vomit-inducing laughter we had when we played the board game. Some of our drawing skills are amazing but some, mainly mine, should never seen the daylight”

“Coffee brewing for caffeinatics in action! Or, coffee to feed a village”

“This place is so beautiful…I don’t want to go bekkkkkkk..”

“Love the goats! And of course, the people, games and food! We need another getaway soon!”

“Getting out into nature. Hiking the Beechworth Gorge with the river down below, taking pictures up climbing up rocks and by the waterfalls, exploring the town with quaint signs of the gold rush period, honey tasting, watching the ducks and coots on the wide blue waters of the lake, exploring the rows of olive grove trees, and finding a big herd of baby goats.

Taking in the expansive landscape view outside the house while relaxing and chatting on the deck. Green hills with distant goats and alpacas, birds such as crimson rosellas and white cockatoos flying past, the changing pink colours of the clouds against the setting sun.

Conversation over cheeseburgers and pizzas, the big dinner and breakfast feasts around the table (lamb chops for breakfast). Playing hilarious games like a tense card game of “exploding kittens”, and picture drawing guessing game where “rubbish truck” becomes “record player”, “limo driver” become “helmet”, and “key lime pie” becomes “tortoise poo”!

The street art murals in the town of Benalla on the drive back were cool too.”