Yellow Kitties October event was indoor rock climbing in the city.

Standing behind a large group of 10 year old children, namely ‘Ella’s group’, the a small cohort of Yellow Kitties observed patiently the safety demonstration before getting into duos and trios. Escaping the crazy children was the first challenge of the day, the second being climbing to the top successfully.

What a view it was … for those who had the energy to turn around and admire and scenery before they yelled in all languages to their belayer to let them down.

It was a tiring, grueling, but rewarding two and a bit hours, with just as much energy spent on dodging children on the ground. A few kitties discovered muscles that they never knew they had, or how much it hurted to bang one’s knee on a climbing block

The last challenge of the day was to snake through a maze around the RMIT campus to locate Darac for some good ol’ Korean army stew plus more.

– T