It was a warm Sunday afternoon and a small number of energetic kitties (mainly from the north) met at a newly renovated warehouse for archery attack. For many of us, it was a first-time experience and we stood nervously watching the demo video of the archery attack games. As we were waiting for another group to finish, our friendly teacher Rick taught us basic archery technique and the correct way to place arrow on bow and off we shot arrows everywhere… what we didn’t know at that time was, we’d be shooting each other as we were the only ones for that time slot!
We were divided into two teams – the red and blue teams. We wore our protective gears – our arm guards and face masks (surprisingly not as smelly as we thought) and entered the arena. Our teacher, Rick joined in the game to even the numbers. We started shooting randomly at people, so long as they were wearing a colour different from ours but it didn’t end well – our designated “medic” kept being “killed” so more strategies came into play. We protected our medic, swapped our medic to one who might not get “killed” so quickly, attempted to assassinate the stronger players first and hid missed arrows from opponents so they were weapon-less before ambushing them. The game became more challenging when Rick made us kill each other in a Hunger Game style. Not before long, we could tell who were good at hiding, who were potential snipers and who were ruthless. All these were happening while we grasped for air through the face mask. If any, archery attack trained our lungs to breathe harder and our legs to run faster.
The event ended with us heading to a nearby restaurant for some nice Vietnamese food. Our tummies were thanking us for finally feeding them. Chats about solar panels and how to earn Qantas points followed. Thanks so much to B for organising the event. We certainly had lots of fun!
Exercise 1 Couch 0.
– M & I