Guardians in arcades, hidden laneways, wands, invisibility cloaks and Shanghai dumplings. Am I talking about an asian Harry Potter? No – unfortunately. This was the adventure that ensued as our host AV took E, J, YW and myself on a street art photograhy tour around Melbourne CBD on Saturday 30th of November.

We all met at platform 9 and 3.. no that’s not right. It was the much easier to find (thank goodness) infamous meeting point in Melbourne CBD – under the Melbourne Central clock.

First stop, Drewery Lane and alley, where you can find a signless seculeded cafe known as Little Rogue. A great date spot I’ve heard!

In this alley, there is also a memorial wall filled with artwork to acknowlege war veterans and soldiers. Opposite this is a beautiful statue displaying the weaving of nature and humans. A solemn reminder to us all.

We marched on to Bourke St Mall and the tour took a nostalgic turn as we immersed ourselves in the Harry Potter world in the basement of Myers. Our chilldhood love of Harry Potter excitedly met us. What happens in Harry Potter world, stays in Harry Potter world.

Back to the tour! Next stop Royal Arcade which was built in the 19th centuary and is the first arcade in Melbourne. In the arcade, we have two mythical figures Gogg and Maggog guarding the clock and responsible for the chimes every hour. We visited an underground music store tucked away in the block arcade. Followed by Center place for shots of the street art and a much needed tea plus cake break at Brunetti’s around the corner.

Last stop was the popular Hosier lane filled with urban art. We spent a good dose of time here navigating the lane and taking shots of the art on display. By now it was late afteroon, we had easily walked a few thousand steps, hungry and tired. A Melbourne tour and dare I say a Yellow Kitties outing would not be complete without food! Last (last) stop – Juicy Bao. Our day completed with shanghai dumplings, rice cakes, fried noodles and fried rice!

Thank you to AV for organising a wonderful tour, it was a lovely way to get to know members of YK and the off beaten tracks of Melbourne CBD.