Hello fellow Kitties,
Some of us went to the Midsumma Pride March 2020 earlier this month on Feb 2nd. YK members and friends gathered from 10:30am onwards at Ian Johnson Oval along with many other community, cultural, government and corporate groups.
During the march, Yellow Kitties were a few groups behind AGMC group which and quickly followed by the Rainbow Family of the Pacific Islanders who provided us with lively music and dance. We shouted our slogan of sorts “Queer, Asian, Loud & Proud!” during many sections of the march and it was great hearing and seeing others support LGBTQIA+ folks.
After the march, some of us went straight to Beachcombers while others wanted to have a browse of the Pride March stalls and walk around Catani gardens. All of us eventually met up and had a sumptuous meal.
We asked some YK members and friends who attended the March to write something about what the highlight of the day was for them:
“I love feeling and seeing the comradery – where all groups come and march together. Shouting slogans and hitting the drums were all part of the fun and when the spotlight subsides, food and chats at Beachcombers nourish the hungry tummies and souls! Thanks YW for organising this”
“My favorite part about the Pride March 2020 is joining my YK good friends and seeing the different community groups come together and celebrate this special day. The performances were outstanding and it’s the best event to catch up with friends, old and new. Loved the pizza and gin to end the perfect day out :)”
The next YK event is Melbourne Queer Film Festival in March. Stay tuned for more updates by our organisers!
– A
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