During the last Saturday of April, a bunch of energetic and super fit kitties joined T and KLs 24km long hike.

Twelve brave souls met at Churchill Car Park at 8am to start the adventurous hike. The forecast for the day was cold so everyone was adequately dressed in trackies, weatherproof jacket and hiking boots. The hike was extremely scenic and wildlife including wallabies, birds were sighted on the way; it was perfect to the soul to immense in nature. (Luckily for me, I missed the first part of the hill and joined the group at midpoint- Lysterfield Lake where everyone stopped for a toilet break).

The return hike from Lysterfield Lake to Churchill Car Park was really nice and walking track was quite flat. Part way during the hike, R and I were really hungry and when we asked if anyone has any food, everyone quickly looked into their backpacks to offer us their biscuits, nuts, buns, lollies and snacks to share with us; we felt so loved and grateful for everyone’s generosity .

Once we reached the final destination and completed 35,297 steps or 25.3kms, we all drove to David’s Hot Pot to devour in hot malatang.

Thank you to T and KL for organising a great day out.