The morning started pretty cold,dressed brightly in warm layers. The day kept getting better with perfect weather. The YKers were around 15 strong, in an blend of brilliant and brightness. YW borrowed some little drums, and had the biggest whistle that was blowing to add extra cheers to our chanting ‘ Yellow Kitties- Proud and Strong! The dogs in fancy dress that stood out with the flamboyant drag queens. The atmosphere and costumes was contagious to the spirited of PRIDE! Waving of Rainbow Flages of all sizes. We had our own YK banner, crowds lined the street cheering us on. Good social distance, we had to be more aware of the massive gap of the next group marching behind us. Once we arrived there were stalls, stands, live DJ with some great beats. Some had to leave, there were half a dozen of us that explored, enjoyed free popcorn and coffee. Then we slowly strong down to the “Beachcomber” for lunch with many joining us to a very tasty lunch. Great conversations shared, with gaint¬† plates of yummy food. We shared stories and photos of pets and our recent event last Friday when we had fantastic steam boat delicious food, and our, 21st Birthday party the previous week to those who weren’t able to get tickets. I feel as we are getting back to a sense of normality after no gatherings for so long. We didn’t leave till around 3.30ish. Awesome advice was given by our member who’s a dog groomed. I even got to check of the last of the weekly market craft’s. An event of a sparkle of the warmth of friendships of the YK family spirit that added to the magic of the fabulous Day!