The Good:-
A dreary winter week night with drizzling rain marked the hosting of another Being Me event, collaborated between Yellow Kitties and the Lesbian Social Fun Club.
The topic for tonight’s panel discussion, “Being Me – To Come Out or Not” generated some healthy level of interest across both groups which led to a turn out of 30 odd attendees. A special shout-out to the sponsors of the event; GLOBE for the delicious pizzas and Academy Xi for the venue.
Yellow Kitties’ very own MT skillfully and fearlessly moderated the night’s agenda and the discussion by the three esteemed guest speakers; T, N and J. An event that went smoothly and packed full of thought-provoking content would otherwise fall flat, if not for the skills of a good moderator.
The discussion encompassed mainly the following:-
– The personal coming out journey of each guest speaker;
– The aftermath
– Love based vs fear based coming out;
– The cultural landscape of an Asian parents’ mindsets;
– Why the need to come out?;
– Strategies to come out (or not to come out); and
– Generational evolution of views on coming out.
All in all, a very relevant night of discussion that resonated with a lot of attendees and definitely something that would be pondered on beyond the conclusion of the event.
The Bad:-
An overwhelmingly high turn-out made the private room felt smaller than it actually is and with the central heating turned on high, safe to say there were a few overcooked kitties.
The Funny:-
Nothing too excitingly funny about a topic as sensitive as this so nothing to see here, move along now : )
The Pretty:-
A special quote from one of the guest speakers – “Be hated for who you are, than to be loved who you are not.”
– D